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Strut Bar Install


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Scott's 1993 Nissan Maxima

Courtesy Nissan stopped making the 1992-1994 SE strut bar a while ago. The 1989-1992 SE and 1989-1994 GXE strut bars are the same and not too hard to locate. The 92-94 SE engine is DOHC and sits higher in the engine bay. This makes it impossible to fit a flat strut bar. However, the 5th generation strut bar is made with a bend to clear the engine. Since 5th gen products are more popular, then it is not too hard to find one of these.

I found a 5th gen strut bar on Ebay for $20 shipped. All of the plates lined up perfectly and the bar clears the engine. The only thing that I had to mess with was the A/C hose on the passenger side of the engine. The plate would not mount correctly with this hose in place. I located a bracket that the hose was attached to that kept it in place. I removed the screw from the bracket to allow some movement in the hose. This extra free-play allowed me to push it out of the way to mount the plate. The bar lined up perfectly and I tightened everything down.

DO NOT FORGET to tighten the top strut bolts down to the specified torque. If you do this could cause serious damage to your car's suspension.

The results of the strut bar are amazing. Handling is improved 100%. Even the ride is improved by this bar. Installation should take between 30-60 mins depending on your knowledge of cars.

left endplate right endplate

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