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Scott's 1993 Nissan Maxima

Some helpful links for auto enthusiasts, as well as Maxima owners: - Home for the Maxima Enthusiast - 3rd Generation Maxima Enthusiasts

3rd Generation Nissan Maxima - Installation instructions, available parts, statistics - Buy parts online and get updates on races/meets

Place Racing - The makers of a CAI (Cold Air Intake) for the Maxima - All Nissan parts and trinkets

Nissan of North America - Get the latest and greatest from Nissan

Nissan Performance Magazine Online

Tire size information - Gives idea of comparable tire sizes

Mazda Protege Site - Your one stop for custom wheels and tires

The Tire Rack - Try the rims on without tools!

Kelley Blue Book - Find the value of your car

Here are some other sites that are not automotive related:

Ebay - For all your shopping needs

Festina Watches - These watches look great and keep excellent time also

Bravenet - Loads of free web gems for any purpose or style

Anne Arundel Community College - "Students First"

Bike Doctor - All of your cycling needs in MD