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Intake Install


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Scott's 1993 Nissan Maxima

The intake that I aquired is a cone filter that bolts up to the MAF sensor. It is quite simple in design. The nature of the cone filter is that it allows more surface area for air to flow through while allowing less restriction. I paid $30 for the filter and adapter off of Ebay. Other materials needed include 10mm wrenches (standard & socket) and screwdrivers.

The installation went fairly smoothly. The longest part of the installation was the removal of the stock intake system. Remove two screws that hold the intake tube to the airbox. The airbox is held in by several bolts and three rubber gromets that are secured in slots. To remove it, you must twist the airbox out of the slots. Pull the throttle body side fo the box towards the front of the car while pushing the intake side of the box toward the back of the car. Then you must simultaneously lift the box so the gromets come out of the slots. Once the airbox is out of the way, you can remove the metal plates that held the airbox in place. This step is optional since the brackets do not get in the way. Now you can remove the intake tube. This is also tedious. You must remove two screws from the bracket that holds the front section of the intake tube. In order to access these screws, you can remove the headlight and housing or just remove the corner lens and feel for the screws behind the headlight. I opted to leave the headlight in place. The screws were not too hard to reach and remove. With this section free, you can wiggle the middle section out. The middle section has a curved tube that is attached to the bottom of it. This tube goes down near the front bumper. Pull the curved tube off of the middle section to remove the middle section. Now remove the front section and then the curved tube. I know it sounds complicated, but if you have a Haynes manual, it is of some help with descriptions.

Installing the intake is very simple. find four bolts that fit through the holes of the adapter and MAF sensor, and attach the adapter to the MAF sensor. Now attach the cone filter to the adapter using a plumbers clamp.

engine bay intake filter

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