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Fog Light Install


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Scott's 1993 Nissan Maxima

My car was supposed to come with fog lights, but they were taken off before I bought the car. I obtained some stock fog lights from a friend. The dealership wants to sell them to you for about $115. This includes the housings and, I believe, the mounting hardware.

The bulbs you will need are rated as H3 bulbs. The brand I bought was sylvania and they were 100W. (They were also rated for "Off-road use only", but whose checking) When installing the bulbs, (which must be done first) you must unscrew four screws holding the back to the lens. Once the back is removed, you can access the bulb. There is a retaining clip that holds the bulb in place. Undo the clip, and slide the bulb in. Mine did not go in easily, I had to bend part of the bulb "brim" to make it go in all the way. This does NOT hurt the integrity of the bulb. Mine are still working months later. Connect the leads, close the retaining clip, and reattatch the back of the fog light. Repeat this for the second light housing and you will be ready to continue.

To start off, you must remove at least the outer portions of the moulding that runs under the bumper. It can be cut, since the plastic is very soft, or you can remove the entire moulding if you wish by removing the bolts. When I tried to remove the bolts, each of the heads snapped off into my hand. So unless you have an ugly looking moulding piece, then just cut off the ends to make room for the fog lights. Then the other part, which may be optional, is to cut out the section that is outlined on the left and right of the front just under the bumper. You will see them if you look. You can't miss them. I cut them out. It made the installation much easier, if you do not wish to cut them out, then as long as the fog lights fit into place, it will not hurt anything.

When I received the fog lights, they did not have mounting bolts (the elbow brackets were included) and did not have wiring harnesses on the housings. To substitute these items, I used the biggest bolt I could find that would fit through the hole in the car frame as well as the elbow bracket. I also made sure to locate some washers to reinforce the bolts. The idea is to make the sturdiest installation as possible so your fog lights do not come loose.

As for the wiring harnesses, I located the harnesses that were left on the car, cut them off, and directly wired the fog lights in using wire nuts and holding it in place with a lot of electrical tape. The tape also helps to seal it. I would recommend the tape even if you have both harnesses in tact.

Once the electrical hook up is complete, the physical mounting is a breeze. There are pre-made holes in the frame that the elbow brackets will line up with. Just install the brackets (with fog light attatched) and you will be set to go.

My fog lights point downward and a little to the sides. I like them this way because it adds to the vision area on my left and right. There is no point in having four lights that all point in the same direction. Also, a note about the lights during operation: when hooked up as described above, the stock fog lights will only operate when the headlamps are on. When the high-beams are turned on, the fog lamps turn off.

night_fogs.jpg fog_light_(11-09-01).jpg

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